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Michael P. Dee

Welcome to my home page. This site presents my current resume, detailed work history, recent projects, education, and other interests to potential employers. The navigation links to the left provide access to the entire site. Email links are included near the bottom.

I am currently seeking a new long-term, full-time software engineering challenge. Northrop Grumman's Capistrano Test Site (CTS) was closed in 2010 after 46 years of engineering excellence beginning with development of the Apollo lunar descent engine.

My final assignment with Northrop was to relocate my Data Acquisition & Control system from CTS to the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) at Edwards Air Force Base. The move and activation of the new Northrop Aerospace Test Site (NATS) were completed in 2011. Flight qualification tests on satellite thrusters completed in August 2012. The NATS site was secured after all data archiving and reactivation documentation completed.

I am currently working a contract for Medtronic Diabetes in Northridge, CA as a member of the Sensor Engineering R&D team. I am working on embedded glucose sensor firmware. These very low power sensors perform measurements, transmit data via Bluetooth, and record data while worn continuously by patients for up to 7 days. Itís a great learning opportunity while I continue to look for the perfect long-term opportunity near home and family.

I am also continuing to support Rockwell Collins on a part time basis. I have worked as a member of the Electronic Checklist software development team in Cedar Rapids, IA for nearly a year.

Hiring Managers: Here's your chance to add experience to your organization:

  • 20+ Years in Software/Firmware Engineering
    • 1 in Commercial Avionics
    • 7 in the Defense Industry
    • 15 in the Computer Industry
  • BS in Computer Science Engineering
  • US Citizen, Current DoD Secret Clearance, SSBI on file.

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